M-Audio BX8 D3 8-inch Powered Studio Reference Monitor – Single, US Company

  • Professional class a/b bi-amplified design with 150 watts of distributed power for studio-grade cohesive, accurate sound and ultra-wide range 37-22khz frequency response covers full musical spectrum
  • Superior transparent sound quality: 8 inch low-frequency drivers with kevlar cones for rich, defined lows and 1 inch high-frequency drivers with natural silk domes
  • Versatile, conveniently located XLR balanced and 1/4 inch balanced/unbalanced inputs for connecting mixers, amplifiers, instruments, dj gear and more. Maximum peak spl – 114db spl – full bandwidth pink noise measured, input sensitivity -12DBU
  • Acoustic space control customizes the sound output to the listening environment for sonically- true, reassuringly-accurate sound reproduction, computer optimized waveguides for smooth, clear highs
  • Extended low-frequency response down to 37hz courtesy of optimized rear ports that minimize air turbulence and acoustic distortion
  • Warranty Policy: Subject to the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the product warranty card, Warranty shall be valid for repairs against any manufacturing defects.



M-Audio BX8-D3 8-inch military-grade Kevlar woofers are rigid and lightweight, delivering outstanding transient response whist negating unwanted “cone breakup.” BX8- D3’s treated silk dome tweeter provides the perfect combination of low mass and the absence of audible resonances that plague conventional tweeters. Together, the BX drivers deliver critical detail, nuance and dynamic accuracy, so your mixes have the veracity and transparency you demand.

M-Audio’s BX8-D3, every detail has been meticulously engineered with one goal in mind – to facilitate the freedom to mix with confidence. BX8-D3 monitors have a rear- mounted bass port, meticulously engineered to the exact length and diameter. The result? Deep, defined bass response with maximum bass extension and resolution. When combined with a smoothly-flared port, BX8-D3 monitors markedly reduce theaudibly-intrusive air turbulence that results when bass is played back at high sound pressure levels (SPLs). BX8-D3’s tweeter is mounted in a custom waveguide for reliably accurate dispersion that eliminates unwanted high-frequency “scatter,” whilst ensuring a soundstage that remains consistently wide and stable.

Efficient and accurate: Driving the BX8-D3 monitors are two Class A/B internal amplifiers that power the woofer and tweeter separately – each optimised for the specific frequency range it handles and engineered to complement the characteristics of its companion driver. A precision-tuned crossover guarantees each driver only handles the frequencies that it produces most efficiently for a sound that is cohesive across the entire frequency spectrum. Play louder with less audible distortion: The BX8-D3 bi-amplified design is a far more efficient and accurate way to power a loudspeaker than using a single full-range amplifier to drive multiple driver elements.

Weight 5.58 kg
Dimensions 30.2 × 24.9 × 38.4 mm

Seller : Hitech Media Solution Pvt Ltd

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