The market is filled with options and promises, some promises are delivered well and many are just hollow and farce. Many customers are unguided and have very little idea of real requirement versus actual purchase. The scientifically targeted advertisements and pricing lures the customer towards certain products that may not be the best match. Established brands charge royalty and new entrants lack basic support or quality control. It is important to know that though most products have their basic building blocks manufactured in the same industry but it is the quality control assigned to the process that makes the difference. Quality is the primary reason by which a brand earns its goodwill but that does not mean that the new entrants should be ignored as they bring in new products and offers at better deals.

As a thumb rule the technology changes every 5 yrs leading to certain products loosing relevance or rendering them outdated including removal of spare part and customer care support. On the contrary a consumer durable other than computer is used by a family beyond 5 yrs and hence one must consider to choose the recent versions of the product so that the outdating process cycle is slowed.

Further to the practicality of purchase the most recent and updated models are generally too costly compared to the one step down models and hence they are many a times smartest choice. It is important to note that unlike computers other consumer durables may not have any significant effect to the service originally given by them over a period of time as new models and technologies of the future can bring increased utility only.

On the other hand a small personal electronic device is the easiest to choose but only if you forget the various advertisements and undertake a reality check on utility offered vs actual requirement. A requirement may also be maintaining social status by possessing certain brand, in such case you have very well narrowed the brand but be sure to pick the right model which should be need based.

In this vast sea of products here is your ultimate guide to make the right selection:

Step 1:- Turn blind to pricing and advertisements that you have seen till date.

Step 2:- Take all brands into your list including the unknown ones.

Step 3:- List the purposes or utilities that you need from the product

Step 4:- Check if the you can go for multi utility product (Example TV and Desktop mix: – Smart TV)

Step 5:- Now shortlist and categorize the products as follows:

  1. Products that fulfill all your needs exactly.
  2. Products that have too many extra features than your requirement.
  3. Products that fulfill most of your needs but lack few of them.

Step 6:- Pick products based on your budget from each list, at least two from each category.

Step 7:-Now take a review check for each selected product online or from friends.

Step 8:- Check for the accessibility of customer care support and the warranty terms.

Step 9:- Lastly list only those products that fit your budget.

Step 10:- Finally pick the best brand that shares better goodwill and a proven after sales support.

The last tip, try to pick the product from a seller that has a clear return/exchange/replace policy, so that once you receive the product perceived out of the various advertisements, but the same is found to be a little different from expectation, there still remains scope to get rid of it and re-channelize your money into an alternative product of the same class without much ado.

Remember in the information era nothing can influence you but your own knowledge.